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Thassos - Thassos


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Apart from the pleasures of swimming, sunbathing and playing on the beach, Thassos can offer a wide range of other attractions and activities to further enhance the full enjoyment of your stay.

For those who like walking, either a gentle stroll along the edge of the hills or more challenging walks into the mountains, this fantastically green island offers opportunities for walks along footpaths and woodland trails. The hills and mountains are covered with the fragrant and evergreen pines which sweep right down to the sea. These walks and strolls provide incomparable views of the fields and hills of the mainland opposite, the distant island of Samothraki as well as Mount Athos, the Holy Mountain in Halkidiki.

In addition, it is possible to drive or ride around the island on its good quality roads, a distance of 100 km's, and thus to visit all the other intriguing and picturesque beaches and villages which are spread around the island.

For those who are interested in the antiquities which provide so much information about the history of this island, there is a plethora of sites and artifacts to see, from prehistoric right up to the Byzantine era.

Every season offers a different range of activities. In November it is the month when the abundant crop of olives is gathered and we would be honoured to show you how we harvest the olives as well as how the oil is produced and harvested, and all the other traditional activities which go hand in hand with the olive harvest, such as the making and the drinking of Tsipouro, from the grapes which are unique to Thassos and especially the Panagia area.

The traditional and ancient celebration of Carnival is something else which is unique to Thassos, being based on the cult of the worship of Dionysus, the God of wine and good times, and is particularly celebrated in the village of Panagia. All the villagers and local residents join in and welcome visitors to this riotous event which takes place every years on Kathara Deftera (Clean Monday, the Monday before Lent starts in the Orthodox calendar).

It is equally possible to use Thassos as a comfortable and convenient base to visit the facilities and attractions on the adjacent mainland. For example the Nestos Gorge and River, an area of outstanding natural beauty, protected by the Raysaz agreement, an area which has an immense range of unique flora and fauna as well as being home to rare orchids and protected species of birds including migrating doves.

Your various trips could include a visit to one of the regular markets which are held weekly both on and off the island, on Mondays in Prinos and on the mainland in the beautiful and multicultural town of Zanthi and on Saturdays in Kavala. You also incorporate a trip to see the biblical antiquities in Philippi and the spectacular caves in Alistrati.

For any further information or enquiries, we will be delighted to help you. There will always be someone available to give you help and advice during your stay on our island so as to ensure that your visit remains one of your most enjoyable and most memorable experiences.

We look forward to welcoming you.